Taylor Columns

Top view of a theoretic Taylor column showing flow lines over a submerged obstacle. The dashed circle shows the obstacle boundary; the water within the solid circle is stagnant.

Ice edge during the summers of 1992-94 in the Chukchi Sea, shown over bathymetry. Figures a-c show the ice retreat around Herald Shoal; figures d-f show the retreat around Hanna Shoal. In each figure, land is black, deep ocean (>60 m) is dark grey, medium sea depths (40-60 m) are light grey, and shoals and coastal shallows (<40 m) are white. Wrapping of the ice edge contours around the two shoals is caused by the trapping of cold water over the obstructions in the flow of water from Bering Strait, leaving tongues of ice over the shoals as the ice edge moves north.