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Arctic oceanography and sea ice research at the University of Washington's School of Oceanography.

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Current work: the Ross Sea Polynyas

Ongoing work to apply the SSM/I-based estimations of coastal polynya ice production
to the Ross Sea polynyas is being done in collaboration with Ron Kwok and Ben Holt
at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena.

This work is in progress and subject to revision.

All data and images are copyright 2005 Robert Drucker and Seelye Martin,
University of Washington and may not be used without permission.
RADARSAT data is copyrighted by the Canadian Space Agency.

  • Daily SSM/I ice thickness images 1992-2005

  • Daily AMSR-E 36V/H images 2002-2005

  • 2006 AMSR-SSM/I comparisons

  • ScanSAR images with heatflux contours

  • ScanSAR images with ice thickness contours

  • Comparison of SST and Ft from SSMI and MODIS

  • ScanSAR/SSMI composite color images

  • Wind and air temperature plots

  • 2000 RADARSAT/MODIS imagery (animation)

  • 2002 MODIS imagery (animation)

  • Bathymetry
  • Interpolated iceberg positions

  • 2000 RADARSAT/MODIS animation with interpolated iceberg positions

  • SSM/I-derived heatflux animation with interpolated iceberg positions

  • Polynya heat loss

  • Wireframe movie of 2005 B15A Cape Adare encounter (5MB Quicktime movie)>

  • Wireframe movie of 2005 B15A Cape Adare encounter, short version (1.5MB Quicktime movie)>

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